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Welcome at supersonic-one !

I am a Hamburg, Germany, based photographer specializing in sports & press photography and commercial print work. From own sporty ambitions as well as my passion for photography i started to combine these two things some time ago. I concentrate on Fun Sports like Paintball, Wakeboard, Kite Surfing, etc. but in addition shoot "conventional" sports like football, volleyball, Motorsports, etc.. Catching the atmosphere - dynamics, strength and speed have a special attraction - particularly if it applies to hold these things in the correct light and at the right time.

I enjoy my passion of Photography and take it very serious, I'm very professional about the quality of image I procduce for a client. With photographs appearing in a number of print magazines and websites, i am well versed in producing fastidious as well as "moving" images.
I'm always open to meeting and working with new enthusiastic people. Let me know if you have any ideas for shoots and maybe we can work something out. Hope to hear from you all soon!


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